Peter’s Story

Peter is 5 years old, a sixth born in the family; he was born healthy, but at 4 years, he developed pain in the joints and legs that made it difficult for him to walk. 

In 2010 Peter was identified and sponsored to come to CoRSU by Soft Power Health in Jinja a partner organization of CoRSU. At CoRSU, he was admitted and diagnosed with bilateral hip and knee joints contractures, left hip abducted and internally rotated unable to walk for the last 3 years. Surgery was done to release the hips and knees as well as biopsy which later showed that Peter had chronic synovitis. Following surgery Peter was started on intensive physiotherapy program twice daily starting with sitting and then progressing to standing and later walking. After continued therapy for 3 months Peter’s mobility greatly improved, his pain had reduced, and movement of the hip and knee joints was also getting better. By September 2010, Peter was able to walk with crutches. Today Peter is a happy child and this happiness has spread to the family as well as the community as he is seen moving like any other child in the community.