Scovia’s story

Scovia is an orphan, both her parents died in the LRA insurgency in northern Uganda. 

Margret identified Scovia loitering in one of the camps in Gulu, she had no adult to take care of her and she took custody of her. Unfortunately, after 2 months of moving in with Margret, Scovia started feeling pain inside her mouth which was persistent until the whole jaw became too big. Scovia was taken to various government health centers but none could provide the specialized treatment that Scovia needed, her jaw continued to expand day by day. Margret had almost given up on Scovia until someone informed them of CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital. They traveled from Kitgum to Kisubi seeking help at CoRSU. Scovia was diagnosed with a mandibular tumor, for which surgery and rehabilitation were provided. Scovia can now afford to smile to the world, although she is still on the road to complete recovery.