Steven’s Story

Steven was 2 months old and weighed 2.7kgs, when he was brought CoRSU. 

On assessment, he was malnourished, wasted with a very loose and pale skin. His mother had tried and failed to breast feed him because he was born with a cleft lip and palate. At CoRSU, he was put on the nutrition program and his mother was educated on how express breast milk and on alternative feeding for Steven. In two weeks, he had gained 3.2 kg ready to be operated. Mother was kept around for one and half weeks where she was taught how to prepare the baby feeds, the amount of expressed breast milk had increased to 15ml per express. She was advised to try direct breast feeding after two to three weeks of operation. They were discharged with hope and improved quality of life.


Frank's Story

Frank is a 5 year old boy from Wakiso District. He was diagnosed with unilateral club foot in the left leg which affected his mobility, home chores and leisure activities. Due to his condition, the father abandoned the family 3 years ago and went to live in Sesse Islands. During the CBR home programs Frank was identified and referred by the CBR workers to CoRSU. He received corrective surgery which improved his mobility and his life has been changed for the better. 


Faith's Story

Faith, 9 months was born with a cleft lip and palate. She had difficulty in breast feeding because of her lip deformity. Through corrective surgery at CoRSU, Faith can live a normal life. Faith’s mother cannot express her thankfulness to CoRSU without crying.

Ruhweza's Story

Ruhweza is 2 years, he was born with clubfoot. His mother Kabajimu took him to the local hospital several times but the deformity didn’t go away. “They put him in plasters several times but the foot remained bent” His mother narrates. A neighbor to Kabajimu’s sister came back home from CoRSU with an information leaflet which she gave to Kabajimu and she informed her of CoRSU’s services. This encouraged Kabajimu to bring her child all the way from Kamwenge to CoRSU. At CoRSU Ruhweza received surgery and rehabilitation for his clubfoot he can now walk with ease. He is still using a foot splint until the foot is completely healed.