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 Media and Communications Officer

•    Approach local companies for funding, donations and promotion of private patient services
•    Increase brand awareness through supporting development of branded materials, coordination of CoRSU events and fundraising related visits
•    Develop concepts and support Fundraising campaigns
•    Generate and upload patient profiles
•    Write Reports


JOB TITLE        :Front Desk Officer; Private Ward

DEPARTMENT    :Fundraising, Grants and Communication

REPORTS TO    :Customer Service Officer


To offer secretarial and administrative support to the private Ward of CoRSU and other related departments such as Nursing Department.  To assist in the coordination of all private patients’ admission and discharge, liaising with medical workers, visitors and patients. To ensure the safe handling of patient valuables and payments and issue information

•    Private ward office services properly coordinated
•    Frontline patient services (registration, cashiering, handling appointments and enquiries) delivered
•    Private ward patients, visitors and staff well received and assisted
•    Secretarial/Administration services provided to the department
•    Safe handling of Private Ward equipment/Property ensured
•    Clean and safe Private Ward environment ensured

•    To receive patients on admission, ensure they present a receipt for private ward (admit in computer, admission book, and receipt book) and provide them general information.
•    To handle the document filing requirements of the Private Ward and ensure that files are returned to the reception after outpatient clinic
•    Receive private patients and inform the respective doctor on duty
•    Explain tariffs for operation, receive money and issue receipts
•    Ensure the safe handling of patient valuables and payments and get a drink as they wait for the doctor
•    Ensure clinical rooms are ready for use at all times
•    Assist patient during discharge (ensure they have all their medication)
•    Ensure patients do not take hospital property, on discharge
•    Handle incoming and outgoing mails and telephones to the Private Ward
•    Arrange for the provision of required office supplies to the private Ward
•    Take minutes of meetings in the Nursing department
•    Prepare and submit reports to Head of Nursing as required but at least once every month.
•    Coordinate all office services such as cleaning of the Private Ward and offices there in and maintain a safe reception area at all times
•    Carry out any other duties that may be reasonably expected from the Head of Nursing, Senior Managers or the Medical Director.

Academic & Professional qualifications

•    Diploma in Secretarial Studies   
•    Good Computer Skills
•    Strong customer care skills   

•    Degree in Secretarial services or Social Administration
•    Any qualification in handling patients or children

Work experience, knowledge & skills

•    2 years of secretarial and admin work in a busy setting
•    Excellent Interpersonal, Communication and Organizing skills   

•    Understanding of  not-for-profit organisations procedures
•    Integrity
•    Confidentiality    •    Assertiveness
•    Non-judgemental approach in human relations

JOB TITLE        :Customer Service Officer
DEPARTMENT    :Fundraising, Grants and Communication
REPORTS TO    :Head of Fundraising, Grants and Communication
SUPERVISES     :Front desk Officers

To ensure that patients and visitors to CoRSU are well received and given the attention they require; and that all communication and documents passing through the front office are appropriately handled.   To provide and promote a professional, high quality, front line customer focused telephone service to all callers.

The post holder will be responsible for dealing with all customer enquiries in relation to the hospital services, focusing primarily on patient care and management. He/she shall deliver a service to meet the individual needs of all customers and wherever possible resolving enquiries at first point of contact.

•    Patients and Visitors well attended to
•    Incoming documents and mails appropriately handled
•    Safe custody and proper usage of front desk equipment ensured
•    Front desk records maintained, reports prepared and submitted
•    customer needs identified and appropriate solutions offered

•    Supervise the receiving of incoming mail, and their delivery to the appropriate CoRSU offices or units
•    Make arrangements for the safe custody and proper usage of all front desk equipment; keep a safe and healthy environment in the reception area.
•    Ensure that systems are in place for the appropriate reception and care of patients and visitors beyond the Front Desk.
•    To take responsibility for being the first point of contact for all callers to the Customer Service Centre and ensure that a high quality of service is delivered at all times.
•    To ensure that all calls to the Customer Service Centre are dealt with promptly, in line with agreed standards and targets.
•    To have full knowledge and ability to help process customer enquiries and accurately maintain all records in a timely critical environment including translation services to help meet the individual needs of CoRSU customers.
•    To establish, develop and maintain effective working relationships with all work colleagues to ensure a ‘one team approach’ to the delivery of the “patient first” performance standards and the business objective.
•    To identify customer needs, and utilize appropriate questioning and listening skills to identify and offer appropriate solutions and ensure that customers are advised of alternative communication methods including voicemail, sms and email facilities.
•    To follow approved procedures when transferring a call to another member of staff or for specialist advice.
•    Carry out all administrative tasks and any necessary follow-up work relating to Customer Service.
•    To develop commitment to equal opportunities and to promote non discriminatory practices in all aspects of work undertaken.
•    Liaise with colleagues in other departments and other partner agencies as appropriate to resolve enquiries.
•    Maintain front desk records, prepare and submit periodical reports on the activities of the Front Desk
•    Undertake any other duties that may reasonably be commensurate with the level of this post.

Academic & Professional qualifications

•    Degree in Social Sciences or Social Administration Public Relations, or Development Studies   
•    Certificate in Customer Care   
•    Excellent Computer Skills

Work experience, knowledge & skills

•    At least 3 years’ experience in public relations or customer care position   
•    Good communication interpersonal and Organising skills
•    Good language abilities in English and Luganda good communication skills
•    Flexible, reliable and able to work under pressure   
•    Caring attitude
•    Confidentiality
•    Supervision skills
•    Empathy; a friendly and helpful way of handling issues

JOB TITLE        :Driver
DEPARTMENT    :Transport   
REPORTS TO    :Estates Manager

The job holder is expected to drive CoRSU vehicles, maintain a log, monitor the vehicle condition, and inform the supervisor of any need for maintenance; servicing and any upcoming/persistent faults.

•    Vehicles carefully and safely driven
•    Vehicles kept in good mechanical condition
•    Condition of vehicles reported to supervisors
•    Vehicles well looked after

•    Drive the assigned motor vehicles as instructed
•    Ensure maximum security of vehicles and their accessories when under his/her charge
•    Transport CoRSU staff and clients as instructed
•    Drive and deliver items, letters, equipment among others as need may arise
•    Ensure safety of passengers and cargo under his charge
•    Monitor condition of vehicles and promptly report the condition to the superior
•    Maintain a log (record of movements) for the vehicles assigned to him
•    Carry out minor repairs and adjustments on the vehicles, and maintain their cleanliness.
•    Carry out any other duties that may be reasonably expected from the Head of Estates or any of the Senior Managers or Directors whom the vehicle is assigned


Academic & Professional qualifications

•    Possession of a Driving Permit for the classes of vehicles assigned  
•    Uganda Certificate of Education

•    Training in defensive driving  

•    Basic technical knowledge of motor vehicle operations

Work experience, knowledge & skills

Essential    Desirable
•    A minimum of 3 years experience as a driver in a reputable organisation       
•    Knowledge of Road signs
•    Understanding of traffic laws and rules
•    Vehicle control and manoeuvre skills   
•    Patience
•    Non-judgemental approach in human relations

JOB TITLE        :Registered Nurse
DEPARTMENT    :Nursing   
REPORTS TO    :Head of Nursing
SUPERVISES     :Nursing Officers, Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Nursing Aide/Assistants and Admin Assistant -Wards

To deliver high quality and efficient nursing care to patients of CoRSU. The Job holder is responsible for the supervision of Enrolled Nurses and Nursing Assistants/Aides on the duty rota as well as team activities. He/she is required to observe and maintain high level of professionalism and “patient first” culture.

•    High-quality nursing services delivered and adhered to.
•    Enrolled Nurses (EN) as well as Nursing Assistants/Aides supervised
•    Infection control procedures and protocols observed
•    Patient care requirements identified
•    Patients’ dignity and confidentiality upheld
•    The rota for work adhered to

•    Provide high-quality nursing care and other services to patients as required
•    Adhere to the rota for work at the triage, assessment, general treatment and emergency stations, as may be allocated by the Head of Nursing; ensuring that there is prioritisation of needs for urgent and emergency interventions
•    Supervise and oversee activities of Enrolled Nurses (EN) as well as Nursing Assistants/Aides on the wards, hostel, OPD and theatre to ensure care plans, doctors’ instructions, drugs round management are followed.
•    Lead Nursing teams as whenever selected and provided by the duty rosters for OPD, Theatre, Ward nurses and cleaners to ensure quality service always.
•    Observe (follow and adhered to) infection control procedures and protocols making available what is needed for staff safety and patient care such as gloves, clean beddings, clean and dry floor, sterile dressings, etc.
•    Identify patient care requirements by establishing rapport with the patient as well as care givers.
•    Uphold patients’ dignity and confidentiality in all patient care operations.
•    Ensure that high standards are adhered to in triage, initial assessment, handling emergencies and the administration of medications, as well as other nursing routines
•    Liaise, and work with other members of the Nursing team to solve patients’ problems
•    Participate in training, as organised by the CoRSU, with the knowledge and agreement of the Head of Nursing
•    Participate in CMEs as appropriate in liaison with the Head of Nursing.
•    Participate in the patient admission, discharge, referral and transfer process as may be allocated by the Head of Nursing
•    Undertake any other duties that may reasonably be expected from the Head of Nursing or Medical Officer

Academic & Professional qualifications

Diploma in Nursing, or Registered Nurses certificate    Comprehensive Nursing Certificate
Registration with the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council (UNMC)    Certificate in First Aid

Work experience, knowledge & skills

•    At least 2 years’ experience in nursing
•    Experience in Physiotherapy care     
•    Knowledge of orthopaedic care issues
•    Working knowledge of English and local language(s)
•    Computer skills
•    Good organisational skills
•    Good communication and interpersonal skills   
•    Non-judgemental approach to human relations

JOB TITLE        :Personal Assistant (PA) to the CEO
DEPARTMENT    :Administration   
REPORTS TO    :Chief Executive Officer

Organise the office of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and ensure proper flow of information within CoRSU Hospital. The job holder is responsible for taking Board minutes as well as those pertaining to the CEO’s meeting as shall be asked from time to time.

He/she shall type documents, maintain a proper filing system (including retrieval of reports/critical documents), organise the CEO’s itinerary, schedule, receive and coordinate all visitors to the CEO, handle incoming/outgoing mail as well as telephone calls.

•    Minutes pertaining to CEO’s work and the Board well taken/prepared and disseminated
•    Well organised and managed Office of the CEO
•    Up dated dairy for the CEO’s movements
•    Correspondences to the CEO’s Office accurately screened
•    A good organisational image maintained in the CEO’s Office
•    Information prepared and distributed to appropriate offices on time
•    Speech writing for different functions the CEO will be expected to officiate at
•    High levels of confidentiality exhibited

•    Maintain a diary for the (CEO) for meetings, workshops, visitors, business trips and other engagements
•    Make travel arrangements, and prepare requests for travel reimbursements for the CEO
•    Compose routine correspondence including institutional reports to be issued from the CEO’s Office
•    Take dictations and transcribe them, prepare/write minutes (including Board Minutes) and disseminate  them as requested
•    Answer telephone calls, screen calls, and route them to the respective offices
•    Type confidential correspondence and other documents for the CEO and keep utmost secrecy of such issues
•    Organise Senior Management team (SMT) meetings and well as other meetings by the CEO and take minutes
•    Operate the office solutions requirements (equipment and stationary) including photocopying official documents
•    Receive and screen visitors to the CEO’s Office, arrange appointments for the CEO and ensure that they are properly co-ordinated
•    Facilitate communication between the CEO’s office and the Board, other departments; stakeholders/partners, as well as other organisations and individual persons.
•    Handle all outgoing and incoming mail, (ensuring regular post office box checks),  sort and screen them, reply those that can be replied without consultation, and distribute the rest to the appropriate offices for action
•    Establish and maintain a proper document filing system
•    Control usage of office stationery and office equipment issued to the CEO’s Office
•    Coordinate welfare services to the CEO’s office

Academic & Professional qualifications
•    Degree in Secretarial Studies or its equivalent
•    Training in Office and Records Management   
•    Public Relations/Customer Care  training
•    Self and Time Management
•    Excellent Computer skills   

Work experience, knowledge & skills

•    5 years as an executive secretary in a senior office in a busy organisation   
•    Administrative procedures
•    Good command of the English language
•    Communication skills
•    Interpersonal Relations   
•    Integrity
•    Confidentiality
•    Non-judgemental approach to human relations

JOB TITLE         :Cost and Management Accountant
DEPARTMENT     :Finance and Administration   
REPORTS TO     :Head of Finance and Administration

The cost and management accountant position is accountable for the ongoing analysis of the hospital process constraints, target  costing projects, margin analysis, and tracing costs back to underlying activities.  The Cost Accountant shall construct and monitor those cost-effective data accumulation systems needed to provide an appropriate level of costing information to management.

He/she is responsible for the accounting function and production of management information and accounts for CoRSU Hospital, providing support to the Head of Finance and Administration as well as the CEO.

•    Accounting data accumulation and collection systems constructed
•    Regular accounting performance measurements/controls created
•    Regular management reports provided
•    Physical inventory counts and cycle counts coordinated
•    Provides coaching and mentorship
•    Procurement documentation reviewed

Data Collection
•    Supervise the day to day Hospital accounting data construction and collection system; Construct data accumulation systems for a cost accounting system
•    Ensure preparation of accurate weekly management accounts such as purchases, expenses, revenue, against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to highlight margin reconciliation over revenue and variance.
•    Create and review the controls needed for data accumulation and reporting systems
•    Coordinate physical inventory counts and cycle counts
•    Investigate cycle counting variances and resolve issues
•    Update standard costs in the bill of materials/services
•    Review standard and actual costs for inaccuracies
•    Validate the cost of services offered as part of the month-end close
•    Accumulate and apply overhead costs as required by generally accepted accounting principles
•    Work with the materials Procurement Officer to locate and dispose of obsolete inventory
•    Conduct ongoing process constraint analyses
•    Report on break even service/products, work centers, and departmental units
•    Report on margins by service/product and departmental unit
•    Report on periodic variances and their causes, focusing in particular on spending variances
•    Analyze capital budgeting requests
•    Perform cost accumulation tasks as a member of the target costing team
•    Maintains a complete audit trail of all original documentation to support the accounting and payment of all procurement.
•    Provides cost accounting coaching and mentorship to the Finance and Admin team for future follow on.
•    Reviews procurement documentation to ensure that procurement procedures are implemented in line with the level of purchase, budget, and cost specification such that:
o    Sufficient funds are available from that source.
o    Supporting documents are consistent with each other, and with the procedures;
o    Supporting documents and payment request are correctly signed by the appropriate level of delegated authority;
•    Ensures the safe retention of all financial documentation and finance related supporting documentation for the correct storage retention times.
•    Clarifies the storage location of all costing documentation and ensures that these documents are available for subsequent audits and evaluations.
•    Informs management through management reports about the major costing issues like breakeven, capital budgets, etc.

Academic & Professional qualifications
•    Bcom/BBA with a bias in accounting or BSC in accounting    
•    Part qualified in C.I.M.A/ACCA/CPA   
Work experience, knowledge & skills

•    3 years post qualification experience in cost accounting  and finance    
•    Ability to handle large databases.
•    Knowledge of data collection and ordering (knowledge of LIFO, FIFO and standard costing or based on the system used at CoRSU.    
•    Customer service orientation
•    Adaptability
•    Considerable knowledge of not-for-profit health systems and operations   


JOB TITLE        :Porter/Nursing Aide
DEPARTMENT    :Nursing   
REPORTS TO    :Head of Nursing

This position involves a lot of walking and manual duties, for instance transferring patients on trolleys between wards, lifting objects, cleaning the equipment/premises as allocated by immediate supervisor.
The job holder supports patients by helping them to move around the hospital - for example, from the Ward to an X-ray department, helping patients into wheelchairs or onto trolleys. The job holder carries out varied supportive roles helping keep the hospital running smoothly.

•    Ward manual duties performed.
•    Patient care support provided
•    Domestic and clinical waste collected
•    Cleanliness and hygiene maintained
•    Furniture and other equipment and items moved safely

•    Provide patient care by:
o    Supplying and emptying bed pans, applying dressings and supervising exercise routines.
o    Transporting patients to treatment units, using a wheelchair or stretcher.
o    Turn and re-position patients, alone or with assistance, to prevent bedsores.
o    Deliver messages, documents and specimens
o    Lift and participate in the set up equipment such as oxygen tents, portable x-ray machines, and overhead irrigation bottles.
•    Moving furniture and medical equipment safely; damp dust all furniture, fixtures and fittings.
•    Collecting domestic and clinical waste, some of which may be hazardous, empty the dust bin, clear off any rubbish from the working areas.
•    Arranging, serving, and collect food trays
•    Delivering clean linen to wards from the laundry
•    Transferring files, specimen samples and pharmacy boxes to different parts of the hospital
•    Removing deceased patients to the mortuary.
•    Undertake any other duties that may reasonably be assigned by the Supervisor


Academic & Professional qualifications

•    ‘O’ level (UCE) certificate   
•    Certificate in Healthcare Support Services or A manual handling or health and safety qualification    
•    Completion of a state tested and approved Nursing Assistants (STNA) Course    
•    Basic principles of nursing and complete supervised clinical work course   

Work experience, knowledge & skills

•    1 years working experience in a related field or volunteering in a hospital, helping out with porter duties   
•    Basics of environmental management
•    Good communication skills
•    Exhibits a friendly and helpful manner
•    Ability to act calmly and quickly in emergencies
•    Ability to follow instructions
•    A reliable and hardworking approach
•    Ability to cope well with sickness, death and distress.   
•    Ability to cope well with difficult situations
•    Experience of working with the public, especially in a caring role

JOB TITLE        :Nursing Aide
DEPARTMENT    :Nursing   
REPORTS TO    :Head of Nursing

The job holder works under a Registered Nurse's supervision to help patients perform the most basic daily tasks. He/she provides extensive daily contact with each patient and plays a key role in the lives of their patients and in keeping the Registered Nurse in-charge up- to-date on vital information about the patients' conditions.

•    Admitted patients assisted through registration
•    Patients facilities (rooms), drugs and other requirements set up
•    Patients assisted to perform the most basic daily tasks/motion exercises
•    Discharged patients assisted through exit process

•    To receive patients on admission, ensure they present a receipt for private ward, and admit in the correct room, admission book, and receipt book)
•    Ensure clinical rooms are ready for use at all times; set the rooms (by dusting , making bed, orientation of patients on the ward, providing towel, soap tissue)
•    Bathe, groom, shave, dress, and/or drape patients to prepare them for surgery, treatment, or examination
•    Escort patient to and from theater, x-ray, lab, (both private out patients and in patients), and physiotherapy for in patient.
•    Escort private patients to and from OPD
•    Take lab samples to the lab, and pick results
•    Collect drugs from pharmacy
•    Assist patient during discharge (ensure they have all their medication) and private belongings
•    Observe and check patients so that they do not take hospital property with them, on discharge
•    Generally, provide assistance with such tasks as: patient dressing, Toileting assistance and catheter care, Bowel and bladder care, Taking vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, etc), Helping patients walk, assisting with range-of-motion exercises, Helping wheelchair-bound patients using safe patient handling devices, Turning and positioning patients regularly, Reporting all changes to the nurse in-charge, safety awareness, Observing, reporting and documentation and Post-mortem care
•    Undertake any other duties that may reasonably be expected from the immediate supervisor

Academic & Professional qualifications
•    Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Registered (RNA), or Licensed (LNA)   
•    Completion of a state tested and approved Nursing Assistants (STNA) Course
•    Registration with the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council (UNMC)   
•    Basic principles of nursing and complete supervised clinical work course

Work experience, knowledge & skills

•    2 years experience as a Nursing Aide/Assistant   
•    Knowledge of working with physiotherapeutic gadgets
•    Experience of working in a health setting   
•    Experience of working with Children

JOB TITLE:     Speech and Language Therapist
DEPARTMENT:         Rehabilitation Services        
REPORTS TO:        Head of Rehabilitation Services

Develop and implement appropriate therapy programmes for clients with speech and language disorders.

•    Plans for the speech and language therapy services provided annually.
•    Provides at least 100 therapy sessions monthly.
•    90% of client rehabilitation needs and progress documented monthly.
•    90% of staff, caregivers, students, volunteers and visitors to the department are trained and supervised annually.
•    90% of children undergoing therapy are screened for mal-nutrition and refers those in need of nutrition therapy.
•    Participates in at least two continuous medical education (CME) sessions for the staff monthly.
•    Participates in developing and or updating at least one condition specific therapy protocol quarterly.
•    Participates in at least one departmental meeting monthly.
•    Participates in at least one information, education and communication (IEC) trainings for patients, attendants and caregivers quarterly;
•    Participates in at least one Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) activity annually.
•    Refers clients to the respective department or specialists for consultation and appropriate intervention whenever required.
•    Ensures daily maintenance of all therapy equipment by ensuring regular servicing
•    Liaises with various disciplines/departments involved in client rehabilitation whenever required.

    Work with clients on a one-to-one basis, group, community or special setting based on their levels of function and severity of disability.
    Provide speech and language therapy consultation, support and update about the clients’ progress and status to caregivers and all those involved in the rehabilitation team.
    Training patients and attendants on the use of speech and language therapy methods.
    Evaluates and documents clients’ therapy needs and progress.
    Refer clients to the respective specialists for consultation and appropriate intervention.
    Ensure proper handling of therapy equipment during, and after use.
    Provide on-the-job training for speech and language therapists, therapy assistants and volunteers.
    Participates in developing and or updating condition specific rehabilitation protocols.
    To identify the need for, and liaise with the Team to facilitate referral to external specialties e.g. ENT / Audiology.
    To facilitate augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) assessment where necessary.
    To prepare communication books where required.


INTERFACES WITH:    Patients, attendants (caregivers), staff, and visitors

Academic & trades qualifications

Essential    Desirable
Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy    Computer knowledge and documentation skills
Updated registration and annual practicing licence with Allied Health Professionals’ Council    Knowledge of rehabilitation of people with disabilities especially children
    Knowledge of Protocols of Therapy Services

Work experience & skills

Essential    Desirable
2 years’ working experience    Experience in rehabilitation of people with disabilities especially children
Good communication, presentation and social skills    Needs to be flexible and creative person
Needs to be able to document all speech and language therapy activities    
Adhering to Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics    
Knowledge of English and at least two of these local languages (Luganda, Luo, Ateso, Runyakitara, Swahili)   


If you believe you have the necessary qualifications
and experience for one of the above positions, please
send your application and detailed CV, motivation
letter and copies of professional/academic certificates
to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or hand deliver to the Head of
Human Resources CoRSU Hospital P.O.Box 46 Kisubi,
Uganda Closing date: 20th February 2015 
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