CoRSU was established in 2006 as a private non profit, non government organization
in Uganda after extensive consultation with various stake holders. It is a Ugandan
initiative which was encouraged and supported by CBM with the main aim of expanding
and improving the rehabilitation services for children and people with disability. 
The primary focus is on children with physical impairment for whom CoRSU provides
orthopaedic and plastic/reconstructive surgical interventions and rehabilitation services.
 CoRSU provides free surgery for CWDs below 17 years of age; parents/guardians are
expected to contribute towards hospital stay (accommodation and food). 
The Vision of CoRSU is that people with disability in Uganda are able to access rehabilitation servicesthat improve their quality of life andthat they are fully
integrated in society.

CoRSU’s Mission is to be a key player in Uganda in preventing disability
and reducing the consequences of impairment, through the provision of accessible,
affordable, appropriate qualitymedical, therapy and
community rehabilitation services for people with disability, prioritizing children.

 With the support of CBM the construction of the new Rehabilitation Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre begun with the laying of the first stone on 4th April 2008. Within a construction period of 12 months phase 1 of the hospital was completed. 
On 27th March 2009, CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre officially opened its doors to the public to improve the quality of life of people with disability in Uganda. The guest of Honor who officiated this occasion was the Vice President of the Republic of Uganda, Professor Gilbert. B. Bukenya representing His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the President of Uganda.
The heart of the Rehabilitation Hospital is the theatre Block. This is planned with four general theatres plus one septic Theatre and one day Theatre and This permits a minimum of three surgeons to be operating separately at any one time.
The Theatres are large enough that they can be used for teaching. Around this facility the other buildings such as Out Patients Department and the Wards exist.
CoRSU aims at improving the quality of life of people with disability in Uganda and neighbouring countries by strengthening and developing an active network of service providers, thus preventing disability and reducing the consequences of impairment through the provision of accessible, affordable and high quality medical rehabilitation services for people with disability, prioritizing physical disability in children. 
Thus, our approach is to offer comprehensive rehabilitative services for people with disability with a special focus on children with disability. Most of our services equally apply to adults with disability as well but our emphasis is currently on children because today's children are tomorrow’s adults. 
Consequently addressing children's needs addresses the needs of all time. Our rehabilitative programs for children with disability are on-going activities which respond to different needs of the developing person at different periods in their life span.