The Executive Board  

At the helm of CoRSU Management is the Executive Board composed of 7 members and chaired by Dr. Emmanuel Luyirika. The Executive Board which meets 6 times a year plays an important role of governance at CoRSU.
 Some of the Staff and General Assembly Members, May 2013

Members of the CoRSU Executive Board

1. Dr. Emmanual B. K. Luyirika, President CoRSU Executive Board, Executive Director Palliative Care Association.

2. Dr. Alice Nganwa, Vice President CoRSU Executive Board, Director Ways for Inclusive Development, WIND.

3. Mr. Victor Odongo, Treasurer CoRSU Executive Board, Quantity Surveyor & Building Economist, Buildcost Associates.

4. Mr. Jack Wavamunno, Member CoRSU Executive Board, Managing Director Africa Travel Ltd.

5. Dr. Paula Munderi, Member CoRSU Executive Board, MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS/Uganda Virus Research Institute.

6. Mr. Dan Ward, Member CoRSU Executive Board, Medical Teams International

7. Mr. Davide Naggi, CEO, CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital



  1. Mr. Aloysius Kaganda Bakkidde, Chairman Partner, Seka Associates Consulting Engineers.
  2. Mr. Jean-Pierre Lequeux, General Manager Mineral Services Ltd.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the governing body of CoRSU which over sees the activities of the Executive Board.

Members of the CoRSU General Assembly:

1. Dr. Emmanual B. K. Luyirika, President CoRSU Executive Board

2. Dr. Alice Nganwa, Vice President CoRSU Executive Board

3. Mr. Victor Odongo

4. Mr. Jack. M. Wavamunno

5. Dr. Paula Munderi

6. Mr. William Byaruhanga

7. Dr. Sam Orochi Orach

8. Ms. Teddy Luzinda

9. Mr. Dan Ward

10. Mr. Aloysius Kaganda Bakkidde

11. Mr. Jean-Pierre Lequeux

Staff at CoRSU 

Some of the Staff at CoRSU, October 2017

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The backbone of any efficient, professional and productive organization relates to its most important asset, the Staff. The success of the Staff at CoRSU in performing their duties in a professional manner is due to the fact that they together as a TEAM. This has resulted into successful running of the administration and operations of CoRSU in a productive and professional manner.
Thanks and appreciation is extended to the CoRSU Team - the management and staff for their commitment towards rendering quality service to children and people with disability.
All their efforts to perform to the best of their ability have not gone unnoticed and we commend these efforts that lead to a job well done.