Donate to Sponsor a child with disability
  1. 80% of physical disability in Uganda can be prevented, reduced or cured. CoRSU provides free life changing surgery to children with disability.

    Over 2000 children per year have a radical improvement in their quality of life after this surgery and are then able to take advantage of their education and social activities from which they were excluded.

    The type of surgery and rehabilitation varies on a case by case basis. The average cost of providing this life changing surgery and rehabilitation is USD 400.00 or EURO 300.00 or UGX 750,000 per child.

    Any contribution towards changing a life and giving hope is welcome and send us your commitment in the following form. We will then get back to you.

    Thank you for giving hope.

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    CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital and Rehabilitation Center Entebbe Road,

    Plot 125 Kisubi,

    P. O. Box 46, Kisubi - Uganda

    Telephone: + 256 794 900 111

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Friends of CoRSU

Even the toughest situation can be bearable when you have a friend to count on. Children at CoRSU have only been able to receive life changing surgery through the help of friends around the world; who have given them hope and a reason to smile.  You too can become a friend of CoRSU by filling in the form below

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•Opportunity to visit and see the impact your contribution is making

•Regular emails with newsletters, special events and other updates

•Opportunity to make an impact on children's health


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