Orthopaedic Workshop

The Orthopaedic workshop compliments other rehabilitation services offered at CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital. Following surgery, clients who need Orthopaedic appliances can be fitted in the workshop. 
Main appliances made:
The workshop provides not only AFOS, and artificial limbs but all types of accommodative, corrective and supportive devices.
The prostheses and orthoses fabricated include the following:
The Orthopaedic Technicians at CoRSU measure, fabricate, and fit patients with artificial lower limbs (Protheses). Patients include those who have experienced amputation either as a result of trauma or through surgical procedures. Some of the prosthetic devices fabricated include:
-Trans-tibial prostheses
-Through knee prostheses
-Canadian prosthesis/Hip disarticulation
The Orthopaedic Technicians at CoRSU measure fabricate and fit patients with Lower and Upper Limb Splints and Braces (Like Ankle Foot Orthoses/ AFOs), wrist and forearm splints. Patients include those with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders that require added support to aid their walking or those that require splinting to maintain the correction that has been achieved surgically or through manipulation. Orthoses fabricated include:
-Long leg posterior shells (KAFOs)
-Short leg posterior shells (AFOs)
-Knee braces
-Mouth brace
-Clubfoot ankle foot braces
-Calipers, sprints, erbs, ortho-pros, mouth braces, symes and chorpart boots.
Repairs can be done for appliances like walking aids (crutches, calipers and polio boots), wheelchairs, hand-powered tricycles, special chairs and braces. 
The Orthopaedic Workshop is open Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm